Naogaon Bangladesh

Naogaon ( নওগাঁ )
City of Bangladesh

Naogaon ( নওগাঁ ) is a district in northern Bangladesh. It is a part of the Rajshahi Division. It is bounded by West Bengal state of India on the north, Natore and Rajshahi districts on the south, Joypurhat, Bogra and Natore districts on the east, Nawabganj district on the west.

How to Reach Naogaon

By Air: Nearest airport from Naogaon is Shah Makhdum Airport, Rajshahi. About 53 km away.
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From Rajshahi, You have to go to Naogaon by bus.

Tourist Places in Naogaon

There are many places to visit in Naogaon.

Rabindra Museum

Tagore family had three lands in Bangladesh at Shilaidah in Kushtia, Shahjadpur in Shirajganj and Kaligram Pargana in Naugaon. He wrote in the letter to his wife Mrinalini: "Today I arrived in Kaligram, it took three days." Kachari Bari of Kaligram State was in Patishar.
Devendra Stage and Rabindra Sarobar are next to the Kachari house. Every year 25th Baishakh, here celebrate the birth anniversary of the  Rabindranath Tagor.
How to go: It is far from Naogaon Town. From Naogaon Highway Bus terminal you have to go Atrai ( আত্রাই ) Upazila by shared CNG. Fare 60 Taka. it will take 50 mins. From Atrai another CNG from Atrai to Kaliganj. Inform Driver to drop you, on the way of Rabindra museum (Patishor ( পতিশর ) village). Then you have to hire Van to go to Rabindra Museum.
Entry Fee: 15 Taka for local, 50 Taka for SAARC & 100 Taka for foreigner.

Dhubolhati Royal Palace ( ধুবলহাটি জমিদার বাড়ি )

The Rajbari was first built by Raja Horandro Ray Choudhory during the Pala Dynasty (781–1124). About 53 rajas have held the title, beginning with Jogotram, and ending with Haranath Ray Bahadur II in 1971.
From Bazar road mor Local CNG goes to there at Dhubolhati.

Dighli Lake ( দিঘলী বিল )

This is a road side wet land on the way of Dhubolhati. Local people enjoy evening time at this place. There is a restaurant on the lake.

Bolihar Royal Palace ( বলিহার জমিদার বাড়ি )

Before the Zamindar of Bolihar was transferred in 1823, he established the statue of Raj Rajesshwari Devi in ​​the famous Durga temple.
How to go: From Bus Stand go to Babla Tola ( বাবলা তলা ) by bus. Then from main road you have to turn left. Reserve Van will take 15 Taka to the palace.

Abdul Jalil Children's Park

This is very near of Naogaon Bus Stand. By auto you can go there from Bus Stop. Fare 5 Taka each.

Dana Park

Amusement Park

It is an amusement park on 10 Bighas of land. You will get Swimming Pools, Community Center, Many Rides.
Entry Fee: 20 Taka, Each Ride - 10 Taka and Swimming pool - 50 Taka
How to go: It's in the Naogaon City. So you can go by Auto.

Paharpur Buddhist Bihar

Its ancient name was Sompur. In the seventh century (770-810 AD) Buddhist religious royal dynasty was established in Bangladesh. In the eighth and ninth century AD, the second and third King of the Paal, Dharmapal and his son Devpal established a great empire till Bengal, Bihar and Kanauj. Though it's almost ruined but this wonderful temple is still the best Buddhist monastery in Asia.
How to go: From Naogaon bus stand go to Bodolgachhi by bus. Then from the main road turn right side road and go to Paharpur by auto.

Kushumba Mosque

It is assumed that the mosque was built during the reign of Sultan Ala-ud-Din Husain Shah.
Kushumba Mosque is located at Naogaon-Rajshahi highway in Kushumba union, Manda upazila of Naogaon district.

Jogoddol Bihar

It is an ancient place. At present, the local people consider it as the ruins of a landlord called Botokrishna Rai.
How to go: It is in Dhamoirhat Sub district. Go there by bus then go to the place by auto.

Alta Dighi


How to go: It is 5 km north of Dhamoirhat Sub district. Go to Dhamoirhat by bus then go to the place by auto.

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Important information about Naogaon

Sub-district of Naogaon

There are 11 Upazilas (Sub-District) in Naogaon.

1. Atrai ( আত্রাই )

2. Badalgachi ( বদলগাছি )

3. Dhamoirhat ( ধামইরহাট )

4. Manda ( মান্দা )

5. Mahadebpur ( মহাদেবপুর )

6. Naogaon Sadar ( নওগাঁ সদর )

7. Niamatpur ( নিয়ামতপুর )

8. Patnitala ( পত্নীতলা )

9. Porsha ( পোরশা )

10. Raninagar ( রাণীনগর )

11. Shapahar ( সাপাহার )

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